Sunday Match Play: Singles Results

Results Table So Far



October 15th

Alex Hooper vs Rupert Hooper 4-2

Alys Sumner vs Oscar Luck 4-2

Christian Leung vs Charlie Mclaughlan 4-2

Seb Murphy vs James Mclaughlan 5-3

Oscar Luck vs Christian Leung 4-2

Alys Sumner vs Charlie Mclaughlan 4-0

James Mclaughlan vs Oscar Luck 4-1

Rupert Hooper vs Charlie Mclaughlan 4-1

Alys Sumner vs Alex Hooper 5-3

Seb Murphy vs Christian Leung 5-4 (7-5)

Zishan Ali vs Oscar Luck 1-4

Charlie Mclaughlan vs Nabil Ali 4-0

Nabil Ali vs Rupert Hooper 0-4

Zishan Ali vs Seb Murphy 0-4


October 8TH

James Mclaughlan vs Oscar Luck: 4-1

Seb Murphy vs Lorcan Hunter: 4-1

Zishan Ali vs Oscar Luck: 2-4

Alex Hooper vs Dylan Hunter: 2-4

Lorcan Hunter vs Christian Leung: 4-0

James McLaughlan vs Dylan Hunter: 4-0

Alex Hooper vs Nabil Ali: 4-1

Christian Leung vs Zishan Ali: 4-0

Seb Murphy vs Alex Hooper: 4-1

Oscar Luck vs Dylan Hunter: 4-1

Christian Leung vs Oscar Luck: 0-4

Zishan Ali vs Nabil Ali: 4-1


October 1st

Alex Hooper vs Nabil Ali: 4-0

James McLaughlan vs Zishan Ali: 4-0

Lorcan Hunter vs Seb Murphy: 3-5

Lorcan Hunter vs Alex Hooper: 4-0

Seb Murphy vs James McLaughlan: 4-1

Alex Hooper vs Charlie McLaughlan: 4-0

Zishan Ali vs Nabil Ali: 4-1


September 24th

James McLauchlan vs Alex Hooper: 4-0

Charlie McLauchlan vs Rupert Hooper: 2-4

James McLauchlan vs Rupert Hooper: 4-1

Charlie McLauchlan vs Alex Hooper: 5-3

Alex Hooper vs Rupert Hooper: 2-4

Charlie McLauchlan vs James McLauchlan: 1-4

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