Looking to Start a New Sport? Choose Tennis!

There are plenty of reasons why playing tennis might be appealing to you. You might be nearing retirement and looking for a new hobby. Maybe you're younger and interested in becoming more active or looking for some healthy competition. Maybe you want to find a social sport and make cooler friends. Whatever the reason, tennis could be the perfect new sport for you.

Tennis can be as casual or strenuous as you like. The amount of effort you put into it is totally up to you. There are not many other sports where that can be said.

It depends on how you want to have fun. Do you enjoy competing, winning and improving? Or do you just want to get together with friends and have a laugh? Either way, tennis is ideal.

On top of that, you don't need to go out and buy loads of expensive equipment either. And because only one other player is needed, it's never difficult to arrange to play.

Tennis is not just physical

All sports require a certain degree of mental and tactical awareness. Tennis, though, is definitely a thinking man’s sport. Anticipation, angles, short and long balls, spin and careful placement all play a part in winning or losing - Athletic ability alone will not win you matches.

This makes tennis an ideal sport for all ages. It doesn't really matter how strong or fast you are - everyone can play. 

Why Tennis is a Social Sport

Tennis is a bit different from other sports. You get to talk to your opponent constantly while the match is going on.

This means that, depending on how competitive the environment is, you can actually get to know the person across the net from you. Or the person beside you if you're playing doubles. This makes it the easiest thing in the world to make new friends while playing.

Staying Fit

One of the main reasons people take up tennis to get fit and stay fit.

Whether you're a couch potato trying to burn some calories or a triathlete ninja warrior, tennis offers the perfect combination of intensity and cardio to help you reach your goals. 

Are you looking to play tennis for fitness reasons? I actually offer Tennis Cardio sessions to help you do exactly that. 

With short sprints and strength both needed, a regular play will burn calories, lower body fat and improve your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. 

You'll also find that your reaction times and agility will improve the more you play. The best players serve at well over 100mph, so you can bet that your coordination will be tested!

JJM Tennis: Quality Coaching For All

We recently had a successful (and free!) fun day with professional coaching at Chessington Community College. Keep checking back on the website to find out when more events like that are coming in the future!

JJM tennis funday